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Condizioni Generali

The following conditions rule the furniture of services offered by the Cooperative Vascitour.
These terms of use and general conditions govern our website use by users, establish our rights and obligations and rule the relation between customer and the local inhabitant that offer a service (supplier). We advice you to read the conditions, because they are applied to all our online services and to all those sold by e-mail and phone. Vascitour asks that, at the beginning of each booking process, you declare you read, understood and accepted our terms and conditions, we also advice you to print and preserve a copy.

These definitions are valid for the present conditions:
-Vascitour: Production and Work Cooperative Vascitour.
-Vascitour website: the website about what we are talking about is, we can also talk about it only saying “website”.
-Eat: website section dedicated to social eating.
-Sleep: website section dedicated to the accommodation in “bassi”.
-Visit: website section dedicated to experiencial walks.
-Bassi and Vasci: ground floor typical houses that are composed by one or two rooms and are created from ancient places.
-Chef vasciaiolo: Local Inhabitant that provides social eating service.
-Vasciaiolo DOC: Basso landlord.
-Fratammè: local inhabitant who really knows the city of Naples.
-Suppliers: Local inhabitants (chef vasciaioli, vasciaioli doc and fratammè) who offer services on Vascitour website.
1. What is Vascitour supply.
We make easy the experience of a journey through our website and we manage the meeting with the locals who, accepting Vascitour conditions, propose their own services. Vascitour gives a section to all the Suppliers, treating their communications and managing their bookings. The website contains three principal sections, each section is dedicated to one of the services offered by the Suppliers: Eating with a Neapolitan, Accommodation and Urban walks.
1.1   Eat.
The section Eat accepts the local inhabitants community passionate with cooking: housewives and cooking lovers that open their house to offer a traditional meal (managed by their creativity). It is a social eating event, the aim is to spend some hour with new friends that can tell you about their life in Naples. When you participate to a social eating event you agree with sharing your table with strangers and taste a meal that includes what is written in the Menu. The costumer must communicate to any allergy or special needs related to what he is going to eat in Suppliers’ home, Vascitour will communicate it to the Suppliers that will be responsible for the meal.
1.2 Sleep
The section “Sleep” accepts Bassi o Vasci landlords, where the costumers can stay and live the authentic alley experience. “O’vascio” is a typical ground floor house composed by one or two rooms, created from ancient places where the daily life activities are in close contact with the alley and the city. Bassi are selected by Vascitour team, the costumer can stay in these houses, that situated in the center of the city, in interesting quarters or close to public transport.
1.2   Visit.
The section “Visit” accepts Fratammè community and tour guides. Fratammè is a local inhabitants who knows very well the place and for this reason accompanies the travelers during their holiday in the city. The Fratammè will make you live an unique experience giving you good advices, optimizing your time in the city and directing you till you can continue your autonomously holiday. He/She will tell you the story of the alleys and of the quarters, creating a customized walk.
If you want to register and use Vascitour services, you have to be adult and be able to sign a binding contract. You can see our services/products without registration, if you want to book you have to log in.
3. Booking and payment.
Making a request of booking you accept to receive e-mail from The user will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail of the request and in 24 hours a confirmation of the booking with the link for the payment. The booking will end with the total service payment, using our website o through bank transfer to Vascitour, that will receive the money in place of the Supplier. We release receive on demand. The online payment process is managed by PayPall. After the payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and a travel voucher. Some day before your arrive in the city, you will receive details about the destination and advices about the life in the city, to make you enjoy in the best way your journey. After your holiday we will send you another e-mail to know your suggestions and impressions.
4. Cancellation.
Customers can delete their booking without any penalty sending an e-mail to 48 hours before the date preview for the service and, if they already paid, they will receive back the amount of money they paid. If it will happen with less than 48 hours of notice, he will not use the service but he will not receive back the money he paid.
Suppliers can decide to confirm or not bookings, when they confirm they guarantee the service to the customer.
Suppliers of the section “Sleep” can’t delete the provision of the service for any reason. Suppliers of the section “Eat” and “Visit” can delete the provision of the service no less than 48 hours before the date preview for the carrying out of the service, they can avoid to provide the service but they have to give back the amount preview to the customer.
To become a supplier is not necessary to have a VAT registration, but it will be necessary to produce a receive as an occasional provision between private citizens to the customer. Vascitour will transfer the amount you gain on Supplier’s bank account, taking its fee. The supplier will have a receive with the amount of the fee.
5.1 How you can be a supplier in the section “Sleep”.
You have to be the landlord of a Basso, if you want to become a supplier for the page “Sleep”. This basso has to be in right conditions (with bathroom, bedroom, kitchen) and you have to provide it for Vascitour’s customers, that is hosting the travelers since the arrival until the departure and helping them, when necessary. Vascitour is not responsible for damages or robberies, so it’s advisible to preserve or to remove your valuables during travelers’ stay.
5.2 How you can be a supplier for the page “Eat”.
If you are passionate about cooking and a good landlord, you can be a supplier in the section “Eat”. It’s not necessary that you have professional utensils or excessive domestic spaces. Suppliers must use well preserved and not rotten food, in any case, it’s supplier’s responsibility to control that meals are prepared with good quality food. Vascitour expects that suppliers respect normal health principles.
5.4 Authorization to the promotion.
All the suppliers, in accepting these conditions, allow Vascitour to involve their advertising and brand to the contents published by this website and referred social network, with the aim of proposing this website and its services.
6. Financial conditions.
Vascitour holds a fee of 3% and no cost will be charged to the supplier. This fee includes gates costs, payment and management of the receive. Suppliers will decide a price for the service they are offering, Vascitour will gate the money for the suppliers, they will receive the amount they decided, without the 3% fee. The price published on the web page Is calculated with fee.
7. Transactions.
Vascitour gates the money standing in the suppliers. The following day, after the arrival of the traveler, Vascitour’s team will send you an e-mail, with the counts and will make a credit transfer on Supplier’s account, holding 3% fee. The transaction will end with a receive with the commission costs.
8.Fiscal rules
If the supplier offers a service in an occasional way, he is fiscally giving an occasional performance  between two privates. This thing provides for a receive between the supplier and the customer. 2€ stamp is not necessary for amounts below 77,47€. In any case, Vascitour advices the suppliers to send all the documentation about the work with Vascitour to the accountant, he will control and will use the correct numbers in your tax return. Services offered by the suppliers on and don’t provide business duties when the profit is below 5000€ a year.
9. 24/7 assistance.
Vascitour guarantees 24 hours a days, 7 days a week, for the customers and the suppliers that are in the community.
10. Info and contacts.
The user has access to the customer service for all the necessary information, the doubts or the help requests during the pre-sale and the sale. It’s possible to call Vascitour on the  +39 3389961055.
11. Changes and integrations.
These general conditions can be modified by Vascitour discretion. Vascitour can change these general conditions in any moment. Every change in this contract will be valid since the publication online on the website You agree to our general conditions if you are using this website.
Customers and suppliers recognize that the conditions respect the principles of art.50-61 (law about distance agreement) of the D. Lgs 231/206 (Consumer code).
Links to other websites can be in this one, so you can be addressed there. These web pages are not controlled by Vascitour team, so we are not responsible of them.
15.Information about Vascitour.
Vascitour was born as an innovation oriented cooperative. The article 45 of Italian Constitution recognizes a social function to mutual cooperatives.
Vascitour is registered in Neapolitan companies register, REA 954276, in Cooperatives public register, C116024 and at Lega Nazionale Cooperative e Mutue. Vascitour has statutory seat in San Giacomo dei Capri, 129, zip code 80131, its VAT is 08393991214.
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