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Spanish quarters guided tour | Heart and soul


Visit Naples.Vascitour will lead the students among Neapolitan alleys to know the core of the city: culture, tradition, art and history.

We will visit interesting places but above all we will meet the local inhabitants , they will tell us how is the life among the alleys. Street art, miracles, historical palaces and traditional food are the elements that will make us understand how is the life in Naples. We will meet some friends: a special greengrocers couple, a carpenter with a great love for the city and for the life and a generous hairdresser, they will lead us in this authentic and unknown world.


Spoken languages: Neapolitan, Italian e English.

* We advise you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes;
* Bring always with you umbrella.
* Every 10 paying students are offered 1 gratuity for escorts.


  • Meeting in Toledo subway station;
  • We will walk long Lungo Gelso street, traditionally recommended for prostitution history;
  • We will visit Santa Maria Francesca church and we will see her miraculous chair;
  • We will meet some artisans and inhabitants, we will see the woody Christ and Maradona murals;
  • Finally, we will eat a wonderful traditional fried pizza;
  • Kisses and hugs,

10:30 AM / 12:30 PM
Duration: about two hourse.

"Buy minimum 10 tickets per selected date"


Price 15.00 € for each person


W E   W I L L   A N S W E R   V E R Y   S O O N  !

C O M M E N T A    C O N     F A C E B O O K

Spanish quarters guided tour | Heart and soul
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